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Professional Development

CSATP programs meet the requirements of the California State Board of Accountancy’s Education Rule 88C, the Accreditation Council for Accountancy & Taxation, the California Tax Education Council and the IRS as programs which qualify for credit under continuing education. They also provide exceptional opportunities and resources for operating your practice efficiently and effectively.

CSATP Services:
Government Representation

CSATP is actively representing the interests of the independent and small business practitioner in California. CSATP monitors proposed legislation for its impact on the practice rights and opportunities of small business accounting and tax practitioners.

CSATP is committed to premium quality continuing professional education at the lowest possible cost. Programs are run on a state-wide basis and through district/chapter programs.

The Monitor is a bi-monthly newsletter containing informative accounting and tax articles, legislative regulatory developments and updates, and news of the activities of CSATP, its chapters and its members.

Legal Position
It shall be the policy of the California Society of Accounting and
Tax Professionals to promote, encourage
and solicit compliance
with the California Supreme
Court decision in reference to the
use of the terms
“accountant” or “accounting” by unlicensed
without a modifier, qualifier, or warning stating either
that the person or firm is not licensed by the state or that
provided do not require state licensing.

It shall also be the responsibility of the Board of Governors of the
California Society of Accounting and
Tax Professionals to convey on
a continuing and
regular basis this policy to the membership of the
California Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals.

Providing Accounting
and Tax Practitioners with the Professional
Services They Need

With joint membership in CSATP and the National Society of
Accountants your professional opportunities are expanded to



Group life and health, and professional liability.

Publication Discounts:
Tax publications from major publishers are discounted to
NSA members.

Resource Information:
NSA’s professional journal, National Public Accountant, and The
NSA Practitioner, feature information on accounting, taxation and
practice management.

Exceptional opportunities with national and regional programs for
accounting and tax professionals.

Government Representation:
With NSA’s Washington, D.C. area headquarters, Federal
support is available.

Persons applying for membership in the California Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals must meet at least one of the qualifications listed below for either Active Membership, or Educator/Associate Membership. You must send a copy of your lettrehead and business card along with the application. You may file this application electronically by filling it out and pressing "send application" below. You may also want to "click here" and print out a copy and mail it along with your letterhead and business card.

Active Member Qualifications

Applicants for Active Membership must meet any one of the
following requirements. Please check all that apply to you.

I am enrolled to practice before the IRS.
Please list your enrollment number:
I possess a valid license as a Public Accountant or Certified Public Accountant.
Please list your license number:
I possess an associate degree or baccalaureate degree with a minimum of
24 semester hours in accounting.

Please list degree(s), year(s) received and school(s)

I am accredited by the Accreditation Council for Accountancy &Taxation in:
Accountancy Taxation Both

I am registered by the California Tax Education Council:
List your Registration Number

I have a minimum of 5 years Bookkeeping Experience in Public Practice.

Educator/Associate Qualifications

Applicant must meet any one of the following requirements.
Please check all the apply to you.

I am an instructor/teacher of accounting at an accredited
university or community college.

I am a partner/sole practitioner in an accounting/tax
practice but I do not meet any of the requirements for Active Membership.

I am an employee of an accounting and/or tax practice

I am employed in government, a financial institution,private sector
business or non-profit entity, and my primary duties are in the field of accountancy

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Names of Partners:

Employees: Years experience in Accounting:

Taxation Experience: Public Practice:

National and State organizations you currently hold membership in:

I hereby state that the accompanying statements are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I further state that I will abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Society and will practice in strict conformity with the Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct adopted by the Society.

Date: Signature of Applicant:


Dues Investment Schedule

Annual dues are payable IN FULL in advance.

Active Membership Membership Annual Dues $95.00
Associate Annual Dues $60.00
Educator Associate Annual Dues $60.00
Retired/Non-Practicing Annual Dues $40.00

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IMPORTANT NOTE: A copy of your professional stationery or business card MUST accompany this application.